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creation, modify and automatic mapping of sampling points

Application Description

img-SOILGAS© is a complete and always-available computational tool developed to evaluate the Healt Risk related to soil gas emission in contaminated sites.
img-SOILGAS© develops the toxicological approach to evaluate the site specific Risk Assessment related to soil vapor emission from polluted sites by using the formulas provided by Italian Guide Lines SNPA 17/2018.

  • Free access with email and password
  • Security account management
  • Soil gas, flux and air, all in a unique software
  • Detailed analysis of all sampling points
  • Analysis of each monitoring campaign of the same project
  • Automatic post-processing of the obtained results

img-SOILGAS© allows to develop and archive several projects and, for each one, Users can insert and analyses all the field collected data (from soil gas or flux chambers or ambient air) with automatic implementation of a exhaustive results post-processing .
For each project Users can upload data from several investigation campaigns to evaluate risk compliance and acceptability checks over time. It is also possible to display the concentration recorded over time in table format , time graphs and thematic maps based on Google Maps, with clear annotation of any exceedances of the tabular threshold values or the healt risk limit values.

  • Automatic calculation of human Exposure Rates
  • Conformity assessment of soil gas concentration values
  • Risk Computation and acceptability judgment on obtained results
  • Time Series Concentrations for each parameter analized
  • Results Thematic Maps based on Google Maps

verification of risk acceptability at the sampling points

post-processing and automatic results mapping

Time series and check with Cthreshold [α = 0,1] and calculated SSTL



Multi-platform system, compatible with all devices, always available, 24h/24h!


All your projects stored in one repository! Your works always at hand

Time series

Simultaneously analyze all the monitoring campaigns of each project


Automatic display of sampling monitoring points and obtained results on Google Maps

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