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creation, modify and automatic mapping of sampling points

Application Description

img-PMC© is a complete and always-available web tool developed to evaluate the Healt Risk related to Landfill sites.
img-PMC© develops the site specific Risk Assessment related to leachate emission using the formulas provided by Italian MATTM and ISPRA.

  • Free access with email and password
  • Security account management
  • Several type of account
  • Management PMC monitoring
  • Visualization of all environmental data set
  • Maps and graphs of monitoring resoults

img-PMC© allows to develop and archive several monitoring campaign and, for each one, Users can print graphs and interactive maps for each monitored environmental component (such as: air, groundwater, noise, smell).
It is available a session where User can plan monitoring activities and publish all environmental data making them accessible to different categories of users (public bodies, private citizens, technicians) with different access privileges.

  • Archiving documents for each monitoring campaign
  • Conformity assessment of all measured values
  • Anomalies Report
  • Time Series Concentrations for each parameter analized
  • Results Thematic Maps based on Google Maps

verification of risk acceptability at the sampling points



Multi-platform, compatible with all devices, always available, 24h/24h!


Different type of users with different readiing and writeing privileges!


Confidential online publication of all data from PMC-AIA


Check deadlines and report of anomalies found

Restricted Area

Access to the web application

Access to your reserved area with your unique username and password.
If you have't done yet, ask for free account using the registration form.
img-PMC© is currently under development, you can request credentials and support its implementation!



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img-PMC is currently under Development Phase.