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Application Description

img-VIS arises from the need to have an agile computational tool always available for evaluating the Healt Risk related to the atmospheric fall-out effects of a plant under examination.

img-VIS develops calculations for risk analysis related to atmospheric fall-out concentration (measured or calculated) with a toxicological approach by developing the formulas provided by the ISPRA 2016 GUIDELINES on VIIAS and the ISPRA 2008 Methodological Criteria for site specific risk assessment.

  • Free use via email and password
  • Security account management
  • Up to 5 projects per account
  • Up to 10 receptors for each project
  • Automatic calculation of exposure levels
  • Evaluation of HI and R for each receptor
  • Conformity judgment on the obtained results



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Keep track of your work, up to 5 projects that can be stored for free

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Easy export of results in editable format

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Developed by technicians for technicians

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img-VIS V.0.5

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